[RndTbl] SPARC 10 to a good home

Sean A. Walberg sean at ertw.com
Mon Sep 5 14:01:59 CDT 2005

Free to a good home.  I'm in the Riverheights area.


I've got a SPARC 10 I'd like to get rid of since I don't use it. 
Haven't turned it on in a while, but from memory, the specs are:

SPARC 10, one processor (I think it's either the 75 or 110 MHz one),
S/T interface
160MB of RAM
19" or 20" single sync monitor (awesome monitor, I have a PC adaptor for
it but couldn't get the frequency working on my PC)
The video card is upgraded, it's a Creator something or other
Fast scsi card (in addition to the internal bus)
2 or 3 SCSI hard drives, around 4GB in total
External CDROM w/ enclosure
External HDD enclosure (2 or 3 bays)
Keyboard, optical mouse + pad

I think it was last running Linux, but it also runs Solaris.
Sean A. Walberg <sean at ertw.com>                 http://www.ertw.com

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