[RndTbl] Quick question about formatting a Mac partition under Linux

Mike Pfaiffer mpfaiffer at callapple.org
Thu Sep 22 19:56:09 CDT 2005


 I'm able to do Linux and M$ partitions successfully on my PC with Fedora 2. I 
want to see how to do it so I can write an article on it. I'll admit to only 
a one hour google search today (I was so happy to get ANYTHING working I had 
to test it as soon as I could). I found a lot of pages referring to Linux on 
the Mac and a bunch of pages saying they were out of date with the 2.4 
kernel. I *should* be able to test the Mac/HFS partition this weekend.

 The odd thing is if I had the USB card for my Apple// I could format it 
there... Unfortunately I've already blown a bunch of money on the new 
harddrive (on sale at Itech) and USB box.


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