[RndTbl] Followup on installing an HFS file system on a USB drive on a PC

Mike Pfaiffer mpfaiffer at callapple.org
Sat Sep 24 19:24:17 CDT 2005

 I looked at the site Gilles suggested earlier. I was in a bit of a rush (as I 
am from time to time). They want people to sign up as developers before 
downloading source code. That's not for me. As a result I found an 
alternative which was last updated around 2003. It's at 
http://www.mars.org/home/rob/proj/hfs/ and the package is called hfstools. It 
compiles and installs really fast. Unfortunately, although I gave it a 100GB 
partition, it only formatted two GB of it. Apart from that... No complaints. 
I'll keep hunting for a while. Eventually I might get a Mac (owned by one of 
my friends) to format the partition for me.


P.S. The Linux and M$ partitions work fine...

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