[RndTbl] drive partitioning for Linux install

Bill Reid billreid at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 25 11:06:35 CDT 2005

Trevor Cordes wrote:
> On 24 Sep, Bill Reid wrote:
>>>Almost definitely not possible for numerous reasons.
>>I think this is very possible. I have shared Mozilla mailboxes between Linux and 
>>Windows in the past. I saw a couple of references that sharing of Thunderbird 
>>profiles is also possible.
> If you shared the mbox file, wouldn't locking get all wacky?  Say you
> were reading your email on Windows while your linux box was POPing some
> new mail into it.

I would think Samba would handle these situations.

> And sharing profiles/bookmarks, not to mention cache directories, would
> have similar problems, if attempted at the file level.  I think the
> safest bet would be to do like Adam suggested and use IMAP and maybe
> throw in LDAP for address books or (if Mozilla/TB support it)
> application layer roaming capabilities.

IMAP is of course the best solution but as you say not that simple to set up.

The problem with LDAP is that Mozilla/TB does not support updating the LDAP 
entries. Reading no problem.

-- Bill

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