[RndTbl] File transfer question

Mike Pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 15:08:40 CST 2006

	I'll admit to searching for a solution for less than a half hour on 
this one. If anybody has a solution *handy*, please let me know. I'll 
continue the search later as I get more time. (At least I have all my 
XMas shopping done)

	I've learned enough to give a demo to the MWCS about setting up a home 
LAN and rudimentary networking. I've set up an OS X (10.2.6) box as an 
ftp, ssh, Apache, and file server. I plan on demonstrating how to do the 
set up, test the connections, actually connect, setting up a web page, 
file transfer with various programs (including fuse), etc.. I haven't 
figured out to use Samba but there are a couple people who have used it 
and would be willing to take that part of the presentation. Over all I 
have enough material to keep them happy for a couple of meetings.

The problem:
	I'd like to add a bit of a bonus. I'd like to show how to transfer 
files from an HTML document. When I had set up Apache on a Linux box, it 
worked. On the Mac, I can transfer files with an ftp client and fuse so 
I know that part works. It seems I am denied access when trying to 
transfer through HTTP. I changed the http:// tag to ftp:// and it 
complained about not allowing anonymous ftp. I found something on the 
net about setting up anonymous ftp, but it was a procedure which looked 
like it would take a couple of hours to implement. I'm not sure if I'm 
chasing wild geese or not.

	The advantage to using the Mac for the demo is it causes less panic in 
some of the older members than does Linux. I suppose I can bring in the 
Linux box to talk about the file transfer stuff using HTTP for a later 

The future:
	Eventually I'd like to do something quick on Bittorrent both on a LAN 
and the internet.


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