[RndTbl] File transfer question

Mike Pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 19:21:31 CST 2006

Theodore wrote:
> To transfer files to an http server using HTTP you probably need to use 
> something like webdav to enable publishing to http (thats how the 
> http:// drive mounting in mac has worked for me in the past anyways)
> Theo

	Webdav is a configuration editor or is it a plugin for Apache?


> Mike Pfaiffer wrote:
>> The problem:
>>     I'd like to add a bit of a bonus. I'd like to show how to transfer 
>> files from an HTML document. When I had set up Apache on a Linux box, 
>> it worked. On the Mac, I can transfer files with an ftp client and 
>> fuse so I know that part works. It seems I am denied access when 
>> trying to transfer through HTTP. I changed the http:// tag to ftp:// 
>> and it complained about not allowing anonymous ftp. I found something 
>> on the net about setting up anonymous ftp, but it was a procedure 
>> which looked like it would take a couple of hours to implement. I'm 
>> not sure if I'm chasing wild geese or not.

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