[RndTbl] File transfer question

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Dec 15 19:29:18 CST 2006

>> When you do your test xfer with a ftp client, do you enter in a name/pw
>> or just login as anon?
> 	ID/PW.

OK, so try it again with anon.  Doubt it will work.

> 	I'll check it out with an anonymous ftp connection. The paths are 
> correct. Otherwise I wouldn't get the access denied errors.

And you can GET the file?

Sounds to me like you have not enabled anon features of your FTP server.
What FTP server are you using?  From what everyone else has been posting
it sounds like apache has a built-in FTP server?  But I've been using
apache for years and I don't recall any built in ftp capability.  So
from what I know, you must have some FTP server program running, like
vsftpd or wu-ftpd or whatever.  You need to go in and configure that.

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