[RndTbl] File transfer question

Mike Pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 20:42:18 CST 2006

Trevor Cordes wrote:
>>> When you do your test xfer with a ftp client, do you enter in a name/pw
>>> or just login as anon?
>> 	ID/PW.
> OK, so try it again with anon.  Doubt it will work.

	I con confirm the anonymous login doesn't work (can't find the ID).

>> 	I'll check it out with an anonymous ftp connection. The paths are 
>> correct. Otherwise I wouldn't get the access denied errors.
> And you can GET the file?

	With ID/PW.

> Sounds to me like you have not enabled anon features of your FTP server.

	That's correct. I found some instructions which look like they might 
take a couple of hours to implement.

> What FTP server are you using? 

	AFAIK the one built into OS X.

> From what everyone else has been posting
> it sounds like apache has a built-in FTP server?  But I've been using
> apache for years and I don't recall any built in ftp capability. 

	On the other system I have here (FC 2) it seems to work.

> So
> from what I know, you must have some FTP server program running, like
> vsftpd or wu-ftpd or whatever.  You need to go in and configure that.

	That's kind of what I figured. That's why I asked if anybody had the 
info handy.

	Looks like I just have to find the appropriate file.


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