[RndTbl] Evolution in Ubuntu

Mike Pfaiffer mpfaiffer at callapple.org
Sun Oct 8 19:54:31 CDT 2006

	How can I stop Evolution (and a bunch of other programs) from popping up 
every time I log into my user account under Ubuntu (KDE is the window 
manager)? It is not consistant but it gets annoying when it happens. I've 
checked the autostart stuff (as far as I can tell I got them all) and there 
is nothing there. In fact KDE complains about a malformed autorun file.

	In the end I want a minimal number of programs (nothing) to autorun. FYI, ps 
shows a larger number of programs running than it did for Fedora (but it's 
still faster). This time both juk and evolution are in the list.


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