[RndTbl] Video Overlay cropped

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Thu Oct 12 11:46:16 CDT 2006

> I don't intend to have a monitor attached in the long term but
> unfortunately I still have problems with MythTv not displaying the video
> at the proper size and shape in the TV Monitor.

Buried in the myth setup are options to change the X Y position of the
playback.  Try tweaking those.

> Once again, mplayer works flawlessly from the command line giving a nice
> full screen playback from the tuner but Myth does not display properly
> in "WatchTV" mode. The GUI looks fine but tuner playback is terrible.

If the playback is terrible, that's the OSS nv driver.  Use the nvidia
binary driver instead.  FC has prebuilt rpm's that track the kernel, I
think it's from livna.  Other distros will vary.

You still need to rule out if it's a recording or playback problem.  Try
recording a 15-60 sec clip and email me the .NUV file and I'll tell you.

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