[RndTbl] I/O error with dd

Dan Martin ummar143 at cc.umanitoba.ca
Mon Dec 17 22:01:01 CST 2007

I back up my entire system, including Windows, by copying the entire 
contents of one drive to another using the dd command (boot to Linux 
rescue DVD).  I have bays that allow me to remove the drives, and after 
copying father to son I use the son.

During the last backup I had an input error part way through a 100 GB 
vfat partition.  I completed the backup using conv=noerror, and recorded 
the record number (1MB records).  The father drive, containing the 
error, is a brand new drive.

A windows check of the partition does not reveal any problems.

Presumably, I have a corrupt file on the father, which could be restored 
from the grandfather.  Is there any way I can find which files are on 
the effected part of the drive?


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