[RndTbl] Point to point wireless

Colin Stanners colin at ninja.ca
Tue Jul 3 19:38:29 CDT 2007

Most consumer routers don't support client/ad-hoc modes as the companies
prefer to put those features in their "access point" products (which are usually the
same hardware as the routers - just differentiated in software).

I've used DD-WRT (related to OpenWRT), which has an easy-to-use web interface,
on some cheapy broadcom-based routers like the Linksys ones. It supports client
and ad-hoc modes easily, so you can make links between units and see the stats/signal levels.
It will turn a standard consumer "router" into a very powerful networking device, although you
must remember that Broadcom radios aren't good RF-wise (low/bad sensitivity).

That software/radio side of things is pretty simple compared to the outdoor antenna
mounting, grounding/insulation, and site survey aspects. I've been doing "professional" wireless
setups in the countryside for a few years (up to 16 miles on 900mhz), so I can give you a few
suggestions, or better pass by and do a site survey, if you want.


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