[RndTbl] Re: Point to point wireless

John D jd at Westman.Wave.Ca
Wed Jul 4 18:54:49 CDT 2007

Adam mentioned his pleasure with Buffalo during winter meeting:
"..whoever Buffalo contracted for the radio section .. was worth their pay.."

Got some.  They are good.

A WHRG125 is $55 from DirectDial.com London,ONT ($100minOrder).
For dealers, Buffalo's Cdn distributor is TechData.

ANTENNA notes for DIRECTIONAL point-to-point:

a) _Radio_ Line Of Sight "101"
A radio-link path must have clear Fresnel Zone (an imaginary sphere midway 
between radio endpoints.  Imagine a big cone facing a cone, and a beachball 
between them.  We need to "see" All of that ball.)
_Anything_protruding_ into that space _will_interfere_
e.g: tree, rooftop, occasional animal, hill, etc.

b) in Adam's recent example(2) of "One router in the middle as AccessPoint, 
and Two as clients" the "Centre" unit there, will likely have to be an Omni, 
reducing benefit due to puny (omni=widely dispersed) downstream gain

c) that tiny coax (extension) cable and connectors are easier to find now. 
Tony at TipTop has parts and crimpers. You can run this coax waaaay farther 
than you can run the DC for the router

d) more than one single-malt scotch is also packaged in mylar coated cylinder, 
a la pringle-tube homebrew antenna Mike mentioned

e) corollary to
Meyer's Spousal Approval Factor,
these haiku:

" far easier
to get Forgiveness,
than it is to
get Permission "

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