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Raymond J. Henry rayhenry at autoclubs.ca
Mon Jun 4 20:47:47 CDT 2007

Oh, geez. You know, you absolutely have not tested MTS against Shaw in every
area of this city. My MTS connection is fast and reliable. I've never
noticed a disconnect in well over a year now. Latency is not an issue for
me. MTS is EXTREMELY reliable. I've yet to experience ANY problem with
PPPoE/MTS. MTS has never changed a thing on my account without working on my
behalf. They block port 25? Maybe for residential accounts, and who cares?

Last time I spoke with Shaw, they came right out and told me that they could
not provide me with the service I get with MTS. "We don't consider there to
be a problem until speeds drop below double digits". BELOW DOUBLE-DIGITS!!
Incredible! That was a direct quote from Shaw. So in other words, they were
making it very clear to me that they really don't care if their product is
fast or not (at least for the corporate packages).

So maybe you had a bad experience with MTS and have some hard-on against
them. Because what you have described about MTS is nowhere near what I or a
dozen other business account holders I know have experienced. I will
continue to recommend MTS based on my own experiences and the unflawed track
record with the clients I've already sent to MTS. Until Shaw puts out
something in the same price range with the same service and speed, MTS is
the only one.

Your email read like the old Ford vs Mopar pissing matches of 40 years
ago.....  :P

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On  3 Jun, Raymond J. Henry wrote:
> Last I checked, static IP addresses drove the price of Shaw's service up
> over MTS's (MTS supplies 2 statics with their business accounts)... Is
> anyone seeing a benefit of Shaw over MTS?

Are you kidding?  MTS sucks big time.  Shaw Extreme clobbers MTS on
download speed, and more importantly upload speed.  Upload is at least
4-8X faster with Shaw Extreme.  Latency is miniscule Extreme-to-Extreme
(20-40ms).  MTS can barely get under 100ms on a good day.  MTS is
unreliable, disconnects you regularly, and requires crappy PPPoE with
crappy authentication which always causes problems (not like Shaw's
plug-n-go) especially when MTS decides to unilaterally change your user
id suffix without telling you, which has happened to my customers at
least 3 times.  And the icing: they block *incoming* port 25, which has
zero anti-spam benefit.

I could go on, but you get the point.  And I'm speaking from direct
experience because at least 3 of my customers are still on MTS because
their buildings are not wired for Shaw.

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