[RndTbl] Shaw Business

Kevin Scott muug at lighteningsys.ca
Wed Jun 6 14:40:06 CDT 2007

While I don't have a dedicated-rep, Shaw Business customer service and techs 
are way better then on the Residental side.

I call to complain about something, or ask to have something done, on my 
residental account, No, sorry we can't do that, or thats not possible.

On the Business side, they just do it,  no 15 min on hold, trying to get 
someone higher up, or someone who knows how to do a "push" on the modem, or 
what that even is (resending the config file to the modem).

Business Side, I call the Sales or Tech number,  no being put on hold, no 
IVR to wade threw,  it just rings right through, sometimes longer when they 
are busy I suppose, but it just rings...

When I was still living in Winnipeg, I had both DSL and Shaw, there was 50ms 
ping differences between pinging did.voip.les.net.  My tests showed the DSL 
modem itself added 15ms delay in things.  MTS with their DSL modems, they 
are technologly only able to upload at 640kb/s, download at 8Mbps, last time 
I had service, the fastest plan only used 512kb/s of that.  Shaw's modems 
are 38/32Mbps  Down/Up.  So if they were to upgrade their infustructre, they 
could almost match the speed of a DS3.


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