[RndTbl] Multihoming

Bill Reid billreid at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 6 21:17:41 CDT 2007

Sean Walberg wrote:

> A multihomed host sits in two different subnets.  By that definition, 
> Trevor's box is multihomed.  So is my Linux box at home with one Shaw 
> connection and one private LAN connection -- it has a routing decision 

Hi Sean,

I have always thought that multihomed meant there were two paths to a host. I 
have never thought it as just being connected to two networks. I would not 
consider the the Linux box above as being multihomed since a host on the LAN or 
the Internet can only reach one interface not both.

In Trevor's case it is sort of multihomed because a host on the Internet can 
access his server via two IP addresses so there are multiple paths to his 
server. But I do think we should really reserve multihomed to imply what you 
suggest: two different carrier connections and BGP.

-- Bill

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