[RndTbl] Seeking Perl CGI / XML programmer for small job

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Mon Mar 5 21:47:09 CST 2007

I'm looking for some names to pass on...

A local company is looking for someone to complete the development of a 
software system that is already partially designed and implemented.  The 
software is a CGI interface into a database for custom XML 
transactions.  Some business logic exists, but not much.
Total project size (including parts already completed) was estimated at 
65 - 100 hours.
Said company requires an initial (re?)implementation to be completed 
ASAP, probably about 30-40hrs of work.  Code must be clean and easily 
readable, and well documented, as it will be used as the starting point 
for future variants (with different XML-speaking trading partners).

If you can code XML in Perl (or possibly PHP), against a MySQL database, 
and are interested in this small opportunity, please contact me.
(Sorry, Python and Ruby are out - this has to be hosted in an old 
version of ActivePerl / ActivePHP.  You can argue that point later if 

Thank you for your time,
-Adam Thompson
 athompso at athompso.net

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