[RndTbl] Blocking Port 25

Kevin McGregor kmcgregor at shaw.ca
Wed May 23 13:28:41 CDT 2007

In case anyone's curious, the Shaw SOHO package starts at $66:

I'm not sure if they would package this (i.e. give a discount) if this was 'combined' with Shaw phone and/or Shaw analog or digital cable.

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From: Kevin Scott <muug at lighteningsys.ca>
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2007 1:06 pm
Subject: [RndTbl] Blocking Port 25

> When MTS did this,  it was a HUGE inconvience,
> "On Sunday August 29th through to Sunday September 12th, we will 
> begin 
> blocking access to the ports commonly used to send spam and 
> viruses on MTS 
> High Speed Internet and Dial-up Internet services."
> Year 2004, just so you have your info correct, I remember haveing 
> this 
> 'issue' dealing with some of the customer calls I took as a tech.
> MTS only allows their SMTP servers to be used from inside the MTS 
> network 
> and you can not use anybody else's SMTP servers....
> When I was at home, I had to change my outlook settings (I had all 
> mail 
> forwarded to my cell phone as a text message, instant notification 
> of when a 
> mail arrived), when I got to work, I had to change the SMTP server 
> to the 
> companies ISP's server.
> That was by far my biggest complaint.   However, had I known about 
> SSH 
> Tunneling a few years ago...  I would have used that.
> Shaw blocking mail,   its way more annoying that they block access 
> to the 
> pop server when using a non-Shaw account.  (last time I checked,  
> I don't 
> use Shawmail anymore)
> Anybody concerned, my Shaw SOHO plan with Tiers 1, 2, and 3  is 
> $90/month 
> tax included (taken from my last statement), which is VERY close 
> to what 
> residential services are.   Call to cancel the residential, then 
> call 
> Business Care,  since you're already setup, cabling is done, you 
> have a 
> modem, ask the CSR to wave the $100 install fee...  Mine did...  
> And then 
> you also get the 5 IPs instead of just 2.
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