[RndTbl] Shaw now blocking SMTP port 25

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri May 25 11:13:05 CDT 2007

I just had my first complaint from a notebook customer -- I see now what
John was referring to.

I'm looking for an easy solution for my notebook-roaming customers to
have access to SMTP (or encrypted variant).  Can anyone suggest some
tips or suggestions on setting up one of the following:

1. Having sendmail listen on 2 ports, 25 and (say) 26.  Can I just add
   the 2nd (26) line to the .mc and sendmail will listen on both as
   opposed to just 25?  Or is it a 25 OR 26 but not both type thing?

2. Set up SSL or TLS or whatever it's called this week in sendmail and
   have sendmail listen on both 25 and whatever other port.  How easy is
   it to setup this stuff in sendmail on 20 mail servers?  How easy is
   it to setup Outlook/OE to talk to sendmail in this way?

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