[RndTbl] Blocking Port 25

Kevin Scott muug at lighteningsys.ca
Tue May 29 20:54:31 CDT 2007

> Was there any notification of the change?
> If there was no notification then I'm very sad and wonder why they have 
> such terrible administration policies.

There was zero notification, just like when MTS did it.  Just one day they 
unilaterally block a port.

Awhile back, Shaw one day blocked most of the P2P traffic using 
packet-shaping technology too, with no notice, no warnings, one day my 
upload speed went from 100kb/s down to 1kb/s.  Shaw didn't even tell the 
CSR's that they had done this.  Repeadly Shaw techs kept telling me it was 
internet conditions and the network outside Shaw that was causing it. 
DSLReports is where I was able to find out what was going on.

Have they notified their techs this time that they have blocked the port?

MTS at least had a service bulletion on this, after the fact mind you, but 
they still made it public what they had done.

Hopefully starting at Shaw soon, hopefully then I'll be able to watch for 
'news' such as this in the internal communications so that way at least I 
know whats going on with things...  lol


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