[Fwd: Re: [RndTbl] FreeBSD ZFS vs. OpenSolaris ZFS?]

sean at tinfoilhat.ca sean at tinfoilhat.ca
Sat Mar 1 05:00:43 CST 2008

> I see that the latest FreeBSD release, 7.0, is supposed to support Sun's
> ZFS file system. I was wondering if you were to (for example) install
> FreeBSD on disk A using FreeBSD's 'normal' file system (UFS? UFS2? FFS?
> I haven't been following BSD file systems), and then set up disks B and
> C as a mirrored ZFS pool, could you later install OpenSolaris on disk A
> (replacing FreeBSD) and have it read the existing ZFS stuff on disks B
> and C? Or install OpenSolaris first, then FreeBSD later?
Yes.  Both implementations of ZFS are cut from the same cloth so they
should be interoperable.  ZFS is both a file system AND a volume manager
so you won't have to worry about UFS on top of it and what not.

> As a bonus question, would anyone care to comment as to whether FreeBSD
> 7.0 or OpenSolaris (any version) are stable/reliable enough for a (home)
> production file server, specifically with respect to the ZFS support?
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The man page
was directly imported from OpenSolaris which says something in and of itself.
I have heard of some success using it but I would wait a release or two
before I would consider it production stable.  If by production you mean home
use and you backup your data regularly then in that case I would say 'have
at it.'

I would say it would be a cold day in hell before I would even be allowed
to consider running it on one of the X4500's (I dream for that day).


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