[RndTbl] WARNING - RndTbl reply-to setting changed

athompso at muug.mb.ca athompso at muug.mb.ca
Thu Apr 1 16:41:23 CDT 2010

After a number of complaints (including some from me!) we've changed the 
default setting for Replies on the roundtable at muug.mb.ca (RndTbl) mailing 

When you replied to a message on the list previously, the default was to 
send replies only to the original sender, bypassing the mailing list.
To reply to the list members at large, you probably would have had to use 
your email client's Reply-to-All function.

NOW, when you reply to a message on the list, the default will be to send 

This means the *potential* exists to send embarrassing messages to a much 
larger audience than intended - so the usual rule applies doubly: if you 
don't want everyone to see what you're writing, don't put it in an email. 
And if you do anyway, double-check the To: address before you hit send.

We're all more technically-oriented than the "average user", so I'm hoping 
there won't be very many (if any) ohnosecond[1] moments.

Thank you,

-Adam Thompson
 <athompso at muug.mb.ca>

[1] http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ohnosecond

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