[RndTbl] PCIe interrupt assignments

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Short answer: no.


Sharing interrupts in PCIe is a normal state of affairs.  You’d have to have a BIOS that allowed you to override that.


On the upside, the historical case of sharing interrupts being bad, both because of drivers that didn’t allow for that and because of the performance hit, is just that – historical.  There is a theoretically measurable performance hit even under PCIe, but it’s negligibly small.  (Or at least it’s supposed to be.  Bad drivers can screw anything up.)


Why do you want it to have its own interrupt?


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I have an 8-port SATA disk controller in a PCIe slot (thanks, Trevor!), and it seems to be sharing an interrupt. I'm running Ubuntu Server 9.10 64-bit. Is there some way to arrange for it to have its own interrupt, unshared?



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