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Actually, I was mainly hoping to verify that it was, indeed, a hardware problem.  One person (Trevor) reporting similar results has fairly decent-quality GigE NICs on both sides – or at least what I *assumed* to be fairly decent-quality NICs!


In your case, I’d say yes, it’s time to test different NICs.  Obviously one of your NICs is OK – although I wouldn’t want to put much money on which one until I tested thoroughly.


I’d also not be willing to put money on whether it’s the NIC hardware or the software (i.e. device driver) – even though you tested under two OSes, the Linux drivers and the Windows drivers share a lot of code for both Intel and Realtek NICs nowadays.


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The source hardware seems to be having a problem sending. Receiving, less so:


...Although push the bandwidth (UDP) too high, and a lot of packets get lost.
Any further thoughts?


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