[RndTbl] squid caching of Windblows Updates

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Thu Apr 15 09:29:15 CDT 2010

On 2010-04-15 Robert Dyck wrote:
> The organization I work for is wants to set up a proxy server for
> Windows updates. We work with older computers, XP and 2000. We have a

The setup I suggest *should* also support Win2k ok.  I *think* I
remember it being ok back in the day when I had customers with w2k.
For sure it supports wpad.dat, so as long as it hits windowsupdate.com
for updates, it should work.  Even w98 may work.

> server available, and a couple of us want to use Ubuntu server. The

Any distro should work fine.  I prefer Fedora, but that's just me!

> Trevor, you offered to send your entire squid.conf file; could I get
> that please?

I will email it directly.  Obviously it will have to be tweaked for
your site.

> Also, my college suggested getting software to make the server a
> router, while I had considered getting a hardware router and just
> configuring the server as a proxy server. Any recommendations about
> topology or software?

All my squid caches are also routers/firewalls.  Seems silly to
dedicate multiple boxes to what 1 can do quite well, but that's my
personal preference.  All my routers/firewalls are 100% custom.  If
you're looking for an inexpensive turnkey and 100% managed solution,
let me know as that's what my company does, we can even use your old
hardware (tailored for micro and small business).

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