[RndTbl] trouble with Firewatir

Dan Martin ummar143 at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 20 10:51:41 CDT 2010

I am learning to navigate and scrape.  I have had more success with  
Firewatir than Ruby mechanize, but both are poorly documented.

Current problem:  logging into a site webpage, Firwatir can see the  
frames, but cannot access them.

 >> browser.show_frames
There are 3 frames
frame: name: topbar
       index: 1
frame: name: langFrame
       index: 2
frame: name: main
       index: 3
=> 0..2

 >> browser.frame(:index, 1)
=> #<FireWatir::Frame:0x1a9260c located=false how=:index what=1>

 >> browser.frame("main")
=> #<FireWatir::Frame:0x1a90dd4 located=false how=:name what="main">

Firefox shows the webpage source [I show only the top levels]  
structure as:


	<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=iso-8859-1">
	<link rel="stylesheet" href="all.css">

	<script language="JavaScript" src="WEBPAGE"></script>	
	<script language="JavaScript">FUNCTIONS</script>

	<frameset rows="63,0,*" border="0" id="frameset_ID" framespacing="0"  
frameborder="no" onload="loadHomepage(1);" onunload="forceLogout();">
		<frame src="/TDM/header.htm" name="topbar" scrolling="no"  
noresize>STUFF IN HERE</frame>

		<frame name="langFrame" src="lang.html">STUFF IN HERE</frame>
		<frame src="" id="main_ID" name="main" noresize>STUFF IN HERE THAT I  



I cannot access any forms etc included in the frame unless I can  
name / access the frame.
Any ideas?

Dan Martin
GP Hospital Practitioner
Computer Scientist
ummar143 at shaw.ca
(204) 831-1746
answering machine always on

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