[RndTbl] Cleaning out less-common hardware

Robert Keizer robert at cluenet.org
Wed Aug 4 13:01:22 CDT 2010

Mixup of two different robs :) I phoned you when I saw the message, but 
whatever the case I don't need it that much. I can drive it back to 
Colin tomorrow ( thursday ) if that works.


On 10-08-03 09:06 PM, Colin Stanners wrote:
>    I made a mistake - in my rush to clear out the garage and schedule
> pick-ups, I gave the
> Alpha to someone else who I assumed was Rob. My apologies Rob, if the
> guy who got
> it (I'm not good with noting/remembering names) doesn't need it, please
> let me or Rob
> know and I'll arrange to deliver it.  Also if I see other Alpha gear
> around I'll let Rob know.
> On 8/3/2010 1:55 PM, Robert Dyck wrote:
>> I would like an old Alpha capable of running OpenVMS. Just to keep my skills
>> up. I bid on a contract a few years ago to replace an old VAX with a new
>> model system; didn't get it simply because I wasn't American. But I doubt
>> they would find anyone with 1989 certification for VMS. The MicroVAX is
>> pre-Alpha (I remember administering a 3000 series), but can your Digital
>> Server run OpenVMS? I have a CD with VMS Alpha 7.2-2 OS binaries.
>> As for old PCs, I volunteer with Mike Pfaiffer at a computer lending
>> library. They could use any P4 PCs.
>> By the way, what is a "Laboratory tube PSU, variable 200-325V  0.1A"?
>> Rob Dyck

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