[RndTbl] Learning a little about /etc/hosts

Robert Dyck rbdyck2 at shaw.ca
Sat Aug 7 17:25:41 CDT 2010

I tried a little experiment with Windows ME. I first opened the web page
www.cbc.ca/news without any LMHOSTS file. (Yes, Windows uses caps). It took:
5 seconds to load page header, additional 5 seconds to load the bulk of the
web page, and 9 seconds to load counts of forum comments to links of news

I then added LMHOSTS with the links that Mike provided. However, following
instructions from the example LMHOSTS.SAV file, I ensured one line per URL.
So I split lines that Mike had combined, added the local IP address to all
of them. To ensure timing was not do to any cache, I closed IE before each
test. The test web page is one I often look at, so no difference between the
first test and later tests. It took:
4 seconds to load the page hearder, additional 4 seconds to load the bulk of
the page, and 8 seconds to load counts of comments.

This is a little difference, but not a lot. Within experimental error? I do
have an ad blocker, so some of the work is already done.

Rob Dyck

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