[RndTbl] Learning a little about /etc/hosts

Robert Dyck rbdyck2 at shaw.ca
Sun Aug 8 11:42:45 CDT 2010

I need to take that back; there are changes. After copying LMHOSTS to hosts
(yes, it's lower case), I found the ad banner in the page header was
replaced with a black rectangle and a white icon with the red "X". And the
video window pop-up showed the news article without the ad that normally
runs in front of it; but only did so once. Thereafter it would not show the
news article video. This worked for a couple minutes, then after refeshing
the window it displayed a black area where the ad would have been, and
played news video, but showed 2 ads before every news article. But after
closing windows and re-trying a couple times, it returned to playing one
video ad before each news video clip.

All that was yesterday. I restarted my computer today and tried again. Again
I found when playing video of a news story it stuttered a couple times, but
did play the news article without any ad, but that was only once. Thereafter
it would not play any news story. It appears the CBC News website blocks
video if you block their video ads. I commented out the entries for
doubleclick (leaving googleads.g.doubleclick.net in place) and found it
would play video, and did precede each video news story with a video ad. But
some times it would play two video ads, other times it would not play the
news video. I had to restart my computer before getting reliable response.
Now it plays one video ad before each news video, as it was before.

Rob Dyck

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