[RndTbl] Learning a little about /etc/hosts

John Lange john at johnlange.ca
Mon Aug 9 11:43:51 CDT 2010

On Mon, 2010-08-09 at 10:41 -0500, Sean Walberg wrote:
> Don't rely on the system resolver... Proxy out, by IP address if need
> be. 
> Not sure if Windows has an equivalent of LD_PRELOAD, but using your
> own resolver that always uses DNS, would do it.

This just reminded me of something, I've always wondered is why you
can't have a "hosts" file in your home directory that takes priority
over /etc/hosts.

On my laptop I have a number of entries in /etc/hosts and every dam time
I rebuild my laptop I forget to take a current backup and I have to
rebuild it.

/home is on a separate partition so I wouldn't loose it on a rebuild.

Any suggestions on alternative ways to solve this?

John Lange

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