[RndTbl] CIRA never forgets.

Sean Cody sean at tinfoilhat.ca
Wed Dec 8 09:57:36 CST 2010

I've had to move my server and therefore my IPs of my NS records change too.

Since doing that I've not been able to get the whois records of the domains to show properly (or with the right IPs).  It seems that whatever application sets the DNS servers in the whois records 'remembers' the hostname:ip pairs _forever_ or some undocumented period of time.

I have 3 NS servers.  Two of them are new (geographic disparity FTW).
The old server's IP has changed and I can't get it to show up properly in _ANY_ CIRA whois record.


	Whois shows up with DNS1 hostname empty and DNS2 with an old IP and DNS3 is correct.

I have been able to get it working again by choosing new names for the NS records (BOOOO!) such as using '{nsa,nsb,nsc}.$domain' instead of my preferred '{a,b,c}.ns.$domain.

In all of these cases the NS records for the domain show perfectly fine but I've got a few folks (myself included) that get a bit pedantic about the whois record matching the root NS records.

Does anyone know why CIRA seems to cache these NS resolution records indefinitely?  
The TTL on the domains are 600 seconds so either there is a policy which ignores them or there is a rule I don't know about. (Tried for weeks to get this to work so I'm sure I've gotten past the 1 week rule).

I'm sure it is CIRA because this behavior persists between two different registrars and one '.com' doesn't show it... so it's localized to .ca's.

Any ideas?

Sean (mobile)

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