[RndTbl] Question about Laptops

Mike Pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Fri Dec 24 15:04:20 CST 2010

	Merry Christmas and happy holidays (what ever works for you - you never 
know). ;-)

	My father had decided to look at a laptop. He wants to put his family 
tree program on it and take it for a trip out East this spring. He has 
seen me running Linux on my desktop for years and thinks he would like 
to give it a try on the laptop. Even in a dual-boot configuration. Being 
cheap (a typical Winnipegger) he is only willing to spend $200 -$300 for 
the machine. There are some "deals" in the advertising for Staples, 
Future Shop, and (Ugh) Best Buy. He is serious enough to risk going out 
on Boxing day (and this is from a guy who is afraid of crossing to the 
West side of the Red).

	The question is what are some good brands and locations to scope out?


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