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Just a note on epoxy for those need it.  The short cure epoxy available to
consumers was water based and the long cure was oil based.  Over the past
couple of years the formula has changed on the long cure stuff and it's now
a lame product as far as I'm concerned.  I set watch crystals with epoxy.  I
never had any use for the five minute varieties.

I found an excellent replacement in Loctite E-30CL.  I got mine at Adhere
Distributors.  I've got no affiliation with them other than loving their
product line.

Cheers!  Ian

On 24 December 2010 16:20, Trevor Cordes <trevor at tecnopolis.ca> wrote:

> On 2010-12-23 Kat wrote:
> > The black plastic bit in one of my USB ports broke off.  The metal
> > contacts are in there, undamaged.  The laptop thinks the port is
> Be very careful.  If the wrong 2 pins touch (easy without the
> protective plastic bit) you will almost certainly fry the motherboard
> (completely).  I've seen a dozen desktops blown up by USB wiring &
> breakage.
> > It's tempting to try to fix it myself.  Is this possible?  Any advice?
> Adam's correct, a new USB port could probably be obtained.  I would get
> it from digikey.  Repairs like this only seem to have a 60-70% success
> rate because sometimes you can't get the exact same USB port and the
> trickiness of the soldering.  I do this sort of stuff all the time so
> if you get stuck I could possibly help.
> > I think the laptop is still on warranty, but I don't know how much of
> > a PITA that would be.
> They may not honor this as a warranty problem as they can point to
> physical damage, unless you have the ADP type warranty (that cost
> hundreds $$ extra).  Certainly worth a try as opening this case will
> void whatever other warranty you have.
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