[RndTbl] Debian doesn't see all RAM in a VM

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Tue Feb 2 00:29:23 CST 2010

Good idea, but that doesn't fly in an ESX VM.  I think the default emulation is of an S3-type PCI video card, and video memory is allocated from the host and presented discontiguously to the guest - just like a real S3 card.
I don't think ESXi (this is v3 or v3.1, right???) supports memory "ballooning", or that could have explained it.
Hmm.  Eagerly awaiting more details...

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Shared video memory off alignment could make sense here but it is a radically weird number.
Video memory is the only hardware I've seen that would share RAM.

Everything else I've seen in my limited experience has been using memory via memory mapped address space for DMA, nothing explicitly communicating via RAM itself.

On 2010-02-01, at 9:17 PM, Adam Thompson wrote:

> Agreeing completely with Sean here - and 900Mb is just plain a very strange number that makes even less sense than 1024Mb.


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