[RndTbl] RAID on Ubuntu

Robert Keizer robert at cluenet.org
Mon Feb 8 18:52:17 CST 2010

Kevin McGregor wrote:
> Here's my current hardware:
> AMD Athlon 64 X2
> 4 GB RAM
> 120 GB IDE
> 3 x 750 SATA
> What I'd like to do (please don't ask why) is install Ubuntu 9.10 on 
> the 120 GB IDE, then set up a RAID 10 array with the remaining drives. 
> Stop right there! Yes, I know I'd need four drives for that. So, I 
> want to know if I can either set up two drives as RAID 0 or RAID 1, 
> then later add a fourth drive and without data loss, migrate over to 
> RAID 10. Or set it up as RAID 10 initially with a "failed" (missing) 
> fourth drive, then add the drive later and "repair" the RAID 10 array.
> Any hope?
> Kevin

I don't think what your looking to do is possible..I would just go with 
raid 5 on the 3 750gb drives..


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