[RndTbl] RAID on Ubuntu

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
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Yes, if you use mdadm at the command-line to create the array.  Assume the existence of four drives, plan your RAID layout accordingly, then when comes time to run the mdadm --create command, substitute the keyword "missing" for "/dev/sdX".  If you're using LVM or device-mapper, then this method won't work.  You can even build a RAID-5 array on two drives this way (but it's as slow as running in degraded mode - because it *is* in degraded mode).

In your place, if the SATA ports in the system are bootable, I would sacrifice 100Mb from each of the 750Gb drives as a "/boot" partition - RAID-1 x 4, then set up the rest of the drives as the root FS.  You'll see a *dramatic* speed gain over the single 120Gb IDE drive that way.


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