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Sean Cody sean at tinfoilhat.ca
Tue Feb 16 12:52:08 CST 2010

For people... we use OpenLDAP.

For computers on our SMB+LDAP domain we're using Samba3+OpenLDAP.
For random equipment... that's SNMP baby! :P

Nagios + SNMP is being built right now for monitoring though I know one of my team in Vancouver is using a free version of SpiceWorks to keep an eye on things.

On 2010-02-16, at 12:38 PM, Montana Quiring wrote:

> Hello,
> Right now I'm doing the spreadsheet things so, I need to set myself up with managing my resources better. (i.e. things like IP's, computers, servers, switches, software etc)
> I like the idea of managing my resources using LDAP objects with a web front end to share with my colleagues. Is anyone doing that and could share what they use?
> Is there any other OSS product that that may not be LDAP based but you would highly recommend?
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