[RndTbl] firewall/router in a VM

Kelly Leveille kel at kelweb.ca
Wed Feb 17 21:00:05 CST 2010

Hi All,

I'm considering setting up a firewall/router in a virtual machine to
seperate a couple networks in my home. I intend to dedicate one of the host
NICs to the WAN port of the router VM & will not load a TCP stack for that
NIC in the host OS (ESXi supports this config). In theory, this
configuration is as secure as a hardware router because packets can only be
routed via the VM.

My questions are:

Have any of you had any good/bad experiences with this type of setup & are
there potential security risks I'm not considering?

Also, if you think this is not as secure as a hardware based solution,
please explain why not.

I'm not doing it to save money. I am aware that I could do the same thing
with a consumer router. I'm just interested in the possibility.

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