[RndTbl] Firewalls in VMs

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Mon Feb 22 21:54:06 CST 2010

It's perhaps worth noting that any example of IaaS (Infrastructure As A 
Service) deals with the same issues that Kelly will be dealing with. 
This is typical of "cloud" computing; in fact, Amazon EC2 is perhaps the 
largest public cloud provider, and any firewalls, A-V scanners, IDS 
engines and other security-related pieces of infrastructure are running 
in VMs, whether that's immediately evident to the end user or not. 
(Linux-based EC2 instances are all, AFAIK, Xen DomU instances.  I 
suspect Windows EC2 instances also run under Xen, but I've never 
researched that.)

So, at the very least, a whole bunch of quite large companies have 
decided that yes, it *is* OK to host security services on virtualized 

By the same token, I'm quite certain that Citrix provides a *very* 
different level of support to Amazon than they'll provide to you or me!


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