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Rob Guderian rob.guderian at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 21:02:50 CST 2010

I agree with Rob Keizer, but Mike Pfaiffer has a point. I've set up
ssh to my network a few times and it's generally the router blocking
The best way to see if the router is blocking traffic (which it would
only do to traffic coming in from an external ip) or if it's your
install of ssh, try sshing to your machine from a different machine on
your local network. If it still doesn't work it's likely a firewall
issue on your machine.  If it makes a successful ssh connection it's
your router blocking traffic.
Your router should allow port forwarding.  Just forward port 22 to
point to your linux box... and make sure you have it set to a static
ip! I've had my machine's ip address change and ssh stops working
rob g

On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 9:09 PM, Mike Pfaiffer <high.res.mike at gmail.com> wrote:
> Kat wrote:
>> Hi folks!
>> My new understanding of networking is coming along, but still a little
>> shaky.  I have been trying to set up ssh to work on my home machine
>> because I want to practice Linux stuff and access my PC if I happen to
>> be away from home on the weekends.
>        I've done this a few times with OS X Macs (it takes 30 seconds to set
> up) and ONCE with Linux.
>> I've installed OpenSSH with success, and from my local machine I can
>> "ssh localhost" with success ( works too, of course)
>> The problem is I am trying
>> ssh (my ip)
>> and I get "Connection refused".
>        It's not getting as far as asking for a login?
>> This happens both from my parents' machine (in another town - Go Mom for
>> downloading and running putty), and from my own (that ssh is running on).
>        I take it you are using the 192 address you give us below as the
> destination...
>> I suspect the problem has to do with my router, either regarding my
>> rather prudent settings (LAN connection must be authenticated, *and*
>> have a whitelisted MAC address), or more likely, I am missing something
>> in setup to allow incoming connections that get forwarded to my specific
>> machine.  This is where my understanding falls apart at the moment... help?
>        Sean will be able to give more specific advice, but I think the problem
> isn't your router. I think it sounds like your computer is only
> partially set up to accept incoming connections. You /may/ have to set
> up the firewall or permissions in Linux to allow for incoming
> connections on that port. By using localhost you aren't getting outside
> your computer. By using the 192 address you are going to the router and
> back. It would be nice to know if you can ssh out to a working
> machine... This way we can determine where the problem is. I suspect you
> are not far from a working solution (maybe a minute and a half).
>        I use a DLink without any special setup and can access my Macs with my
> Linux box.
>> I've got a linksys/cisco wrt120n
>> local IP
>> local router IP
>> internet IP in the 24.something range :)
>> Let me know if more info is required.
>        I think you almost have it.
>> Thanks!
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>> Katherine Scrupa
>> Network Technology CCNA student, RRC
>                                Later
>                                Mike
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