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Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Fri Jun 11 11:57:25 CDT 2010

On 2010-06-08 23:07, Dan Keizer wrote:
> One of the questions at the muug meeting today was about temperature
> and humidity readings/monitoring.
> The 1-wire devices are quite easy to use .. there are a few links I've
> saved from prior here:  http://delicious.com/ve4drk/1-wire -- they're
> about a year or so old ...
> an interesting take is using the owfs (http://owfs.org/) with openWRT
> ( http://openwrt.org/ ):-) yes -- you know it can be done :-)
> I know another local who has used these .. he has a nice display and
> info on how to do it ..
> it is:  http://www2.ertyu.org/temp/conditions.php

Thanks for the links, Dan.  Looks like a build-your-own solution, but I 
was hoping for something a bit more turn-key.  Jun Ma recommended (via 
private e-mail) the HWg-STE, which appears to be a small, network- 
attached box that accepts 1-wire probes.  He included links to their 
international web site (hw-group.com), as well as the Canadian 
distributor (hw-group.ca), but no prices are listed.  I've e-mailed the 
Canadian site, and will see what the price is.

Brad Vokey's brother, Gord, recommended the TemPageR 3E, from 
AVTech.com, which I had also already come across.  but their US $195 
package includes a temperature-only probe.  To get humidity as well, I'd 
be looking at more than the US $199 for the MicroGoose from ITWatchDogs.com.

Other options I've found include the Newport (newportus.com) iTHX and 
iTHX-SD, and the NetworkTechInc.com EnviroMUX-Mini, but they're more 
expensive as well.  Someone I know at U of Calgary recommended a cheap 
solution that came out of there called Phidgets (phidgets.com), but it's 
also a build-it-yourself type of solution, which would also require some 
programming.  (More effort than I want to put into it now, or that I can 
justify doing on work time.)

I'm thinking I'll order one MicroGoose from ITWatchDogs.com, and try it 
out.  If it doesn't do what we want, I can try other options later, and 
we've only lost a couple hundred dollars.

Thanks to all who replied or offered suggestions at the meeting.

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