[RndTbl] Mint 10 installs (First impressions)

Mike Pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 15:40:02 CST 2010

	Quick impression for Mint 10. Like Mint 9 it is still a derivative of 
Ubuntu (I don't think it's running Unity though). On the machines at the 
lab it was pretty fast. Given those machines are at least five years old 
that's saying something. Compared to Mint 9 it is slightly slower. 
According to their web page most of the changes are superficial apart 
from additional codecs. It looks like they've put some effort into the 
eye-candy. The green is gone and replaced with grey. Given what was 
installed in Mint 9, I'd say this is more of something for the end user 
as opposed to a developer. This is something you could show off to the 
boss for their home machine.

	Since it was just released on Friday I haven't had much of a chance to 
stress it any. If anyone is looking to get it, connecting to their web 
site may take a few tries. Given the connection issues, my suggestion is 
to grab the torrent files for download. They take less than an hour for 
the DVD at this point. There is also a CD version which is slightly 
smaller than the DVD version.


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