[RndTbl] Anyone handy with Git?

Sean Walberg sean at ertw.com
Wed Nov 17 15:08:24 CST 2010

Anyone out there handy with git and can offer some help?

I had my application in SVN and did an git svn clone to work on it locally.
I branched to work on a feature (f1), then branched again to work on a
feature of that feature (f2). Along the way I pushed the local git repo to a
git server I set up so that I could work on the code on another computer. I
also made some changes along the way in SVN, git svn rebased them to the
local git repo, and merged them up into my development branch.

I tried merging f2 into f1 and then f1 into master which gets the correct
code into master, but when I try to git svn dcommit to get the changes back
SVN, I get

Unable to determine upstream SVN information from working tree history

I got some help on the #git channel and some googling on the multiple
possibilities with that error. After some git reset --hard and rebasing
f2->f1->master<-git-svn I could svn dcommit (with a few merge conflicts) but
I'm still missing some commits.

I'd like to be able to properly merge/rebase whatever I have to so that I
can keep the git history inside svn, so I don't want to do a big diff of the
git repo and apply it to svn. I'd also like to understand what's going on
here because working with git has been fun, but I can't really move to it if
I'm blindly merging and committing until I get the results I want.



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