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Fri Nov 19 22:48:18 CST 2010

Wiband was making noises like they would like nothing better than to install
on an existing tower, or at least the installation crew was all for it.
 Finding a tower and install at a good rate is another matter all together.
 Wiband is the best option if I can get line of sight.  A tower hunting I

My email to the www.rrafn.com service bounced.  I have a hunch that my
experience there could be somewhat informal.

On 19 November 2010 17:29, Adam Thompson <athompso at athompso.net> wrote:

> I'm not sure if they go that far south, but Prairie Mobile Communications
> has (or had) a fixed-wireless service through parts of southern Manitoba.
> Working with a fixed-wireless provider in NW Ontario, I can also confirm
> that "you get what you pay for".  A free-standing pole with guy wires
> anchoring it is cheaper in equipment/capital cost but requires more (and
> more skilled, and more expensive) labour to install.  Also not legal in some
> places.
> There are many people in southern MB who can erect towers & poles (cheaper
> than WiBand), the challenge is finding them... And then convincing WiBand to
> just use the existing tower.
> For halfway-decent or halfway-reliable service, expect to pay about $3k in
> install costs w/o a contract.  On a contract, that often drops to $1k,
> $100-$300 or even $0 depending on contract length and provider.
> Barret's Xplorenet is a good option if a) no-one else can reach you, or b)
> installation of a tower or mast is contra-indicated for some reason (land
> unsuitable, prohibited by wife on aesthetic grounds, etc.).  Otherwise, NWO
> has mostly the same experience with them - it's better than dial-up, but
> worse than everything else.
> -Adam
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