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Mike Pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 23:14:25 CST 2010

On 10-11-26 07:56 PM, Kevin McGregor wrote:
> I noticed (what used to be) MacHelper is advertising eMacs (refurbished, of
> course) for $99. Just of of curiosity, what would be the most recent version
> of Linux that will run on these PPC-based machines?
> Kevin
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	As a reference, I have an iMac which is a few versions older than the 
eMacs they have. It is running Xubuntu 6.something. When updating 
software it says there is an upgrade path to 8.something. I don't think 
I tried updating to that particular version. When I tried updating to a 
previous version (7.something or an earlier 8.something) the 
installation broke and I went back to the earlier version.

	The eMac may be able to go to the higher version since it is newer and 
has the potential for a faster processor and more RAM.

	Other things to be aware of are the weight (it is HEAVY), the fact 
there is no handle, and it is a nightmare to get open if you want to 
replace the hard drive or upgrade the RAM.

	When all is said and done these machines aren't too bad relative to 
what you'd be paying. Bear in mind they are more than a few years old. 
Incidentally, a friend is running Kubuntu on his and it works like a 
champ. Mark J. and Scott B. also have experience with this sort of 
thing. Their opinions are worth listening to.

	Related to this... The Muddy Waters club (http://mwcs.mb.ca) is having 
it's holiday "show and tell" meeting on the 7'th. If you'd like to show 
it off after you get it running I'm sure people would be interested in 
seeing it (assume five minutes but it could be half an hour). They were 
impressed when I brought in the iMac a few years ago. I'm not sure but I 
think the folks at the Mac User Group for Seniors (MUGS) may like a look 
as well. Since a lot of the iMacs and eMacs are coming out of schools at 
the moment your experiences would prove very informative.


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