[RndTbl] A charitable raffle for the December meeting.

Sean Cody sean at tinfoilhat.ca
Sat Nov 27 15:39:15 CST 2010

As part of the December meeting's gathering we'll have our usual meeting raffle but we're going to ruffle the feathers a bit to help a charitable organization given the holiday season.

As such if you would like to put in for the raffle the entry fee will be a donation item for Winnipeg Harvest.  Donations in the form of
non-perishable food items is requested and linked below is the ten most wanted items that Winnipeg Harvest has identified.


We will be raffling off the following books for this event:
        Linux Server Hacks
        Time Management For Systems Administrators
        Network Security Hacks
If you have any ideas or anything you would like to add to the raffle or to sweeten the pot please contact me directly.

Regardless, not only is this a deal for your it is an even bigger deal for the less fortunate.

On behalf of the board, thanks and we'll see you at the meeting!

P.S. While we won't be accepting cash donations you can make a donation via their site: 
P.P.S. Show us a receipt (dated between now and the meeting) and we'll enter you in to the draw/s as well.

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