[RndTbl] Shaw packet loss

Mike Pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 10:36:05 CDT 2010

On 10-10-19 10:28 AM, John Lange wrote:
> Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that Shaw seems to be having
> systemic problems with their network?
> I've run tests from several different locations and all of them seem
> to show significant intermittent packet loss to the first hop
> (gateway).
> It comes and goes and some days are worse than others but it is persistent.

	Funny you should mention that... Today I noticed the updates for Mint 9 
are really slow. This is while they are giving me a month of upgraded 
speed. Over all I didn't notice any change in speed other than the 
occasional peak. Since you mentioned it, today seems to be particularly 
bad. Not worth the extra $10/month if you ask me.

	Then there is their policy of slowing down the entire connection if 
they determine someone is using bittorrent on a LAN (even if the user 
caps the up and down speeds). BTW, I'm only using Firefox and 
Thunderbird at the moment. Things are pretty bad.


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