[RndTbl] Computational usage

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Fri Aug 12 23:16:34 CDT 2011

I'm confused: are you cracking Wifi keys or eggs?  ...'cause I'm pretty 
sure it's possible to cook eggs at 100degC.  Not to mention male 
genitalia - already happened to some poor guy in Europe a few years ago.
If you run this on battery, the discharging battery will add to the heat 
load, thus throttling the CPU faster, thus extending the battery charge. 
Hmm, that almost sounds like a perpetual-motion machine.

This brings up the question of why you're trying to crack your neighbour's 
wireless security, anyway.  Other than just an excuse to exercise the 
thermal-protection circuitry in your new laptop :-).

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> Well I thought I'd share this with everyone, interesting screenshot
> at the least. I found a usage for all the compute power my new
> laptop has, including the gpu. Note the load in the background
> terminal.
> Also: turns out some laptop bios's are smart enough to clock down
> and not let you clock back up within a given timeframe if they hit
> 99C.
> GPU was most likely hotter, but its rated for I think 150C.
> Rob

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