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Step 1: always assume native Solaris utilities have weird and interesting limitations.

Step 2: make sure you have valid OS support with Oracle, otherwise you won’t get all the patches.

Step 3: download whichever tools you need from Sunfreeware.com. 


If you get up to Solaris 11, evaluate BlastWave.org as an alternative; they have a very different approach to package (and project) management.  The sunfreeware.com stuff is a lot easier to cherry-pick one tool (and/or library) at a time, but BlastWave is possibly better if you plan to install dozens or hundreds of packages.  Also, BlastWave never worked all that well for me on anything older than Solaris 10, and apparently has recently been completely retooled for Solaris 11.


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I have a TAR file (well, many) created with Solaris 10. I can restore it under same, but it seems the Solaris version of tar doesn't give you the option of stripping the leading "/" when restoring, which is a slight problem for my situation.


Did I miss something, and it can restore to a relative path after all?

Does anyone have any other suggestions, such as other utilities to use or even OSs with a more flexible tar that can mount a UFS slice?



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