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Mike pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 16:16:40 CDT 2011

On 11-06-02 3:55 PM, Trevor Cordes wrote:
> I need to burn a 5GB+ data file to DVD-DL, using command line tools in
> linux.  Obviously burning small (sub 2 or 4GB) files to DVD is easy using
> mkiso and cdrecord, or whatever.  Now I need to burn a large file and I'm
> discovering it's not so easy.
> It turns out there's a file size limit for ISO9660 of 4GB.
> Doing a bit of research, it looks like you must burn UDF format instead of
> ISO, but the UDF burning utilities on linux are limited.
> mkisofs has options -udf and -allow-limited-size which may solve my
> problem, though the "alpha" labelling of it doesn't inspire confidence.
> My other issue is I need to know exactly how much usable (non-FS) data
> space I get out of a DVD-DL.  That number is well known down to the byte
> level for ISO9660 on DVD (single layer).  I'm having a really hard time
> finding hard numbers for DVD-DL and UDF overhead.  One would assume you
> get DVD-SL x 2 raw space.  And one could probably guess at some reasonable
> overhead for UDF.  Still, hard numbers will help me avoid coastering a
> multi-$$ DVD-DL blank.
> Hopefully someone has some experience with this?
> Thanks!
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	I'm going to throw out a couple of ideas and see who salutes...

	If possible, you can use some text tools such as par2 and rar to break 
the file into smaller, recoverable chunks.

	Another possibility would be to see if there is anything in fuse 
available for UDF. This way you can create the image and see what tools 
are available for burning.

	Chris H. managed to find a source of cheap DVD-DL blanks. Dollarama 
occasionally has them on sale at three for $2.00. I mentioned this to 
someone who said they could get them cheaper somewhere else, but didn't 
say where. Anyhow the only Dollarama I found them at was Pembina near 
Bishop Grandin in the strip mall with Staples.

	Oddly enough, I remember burning a 7GB movie file to a DVD-DL with k3b. 
It didn't complain at all. It went through the verify process and there 
were no complaints there either.


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